About CDA

History of CDA

Tigereye owned by Damian Noud founder of Canine Disc in Australia

 CDA was previously known as the Australian Canine Disc Association  (ACDA), which was formed and founded by Damian & Karen Noud in 2003  along with Australia’s first ever Canine Disc Club, Brisbane &  Regions K9 Disc Club otherwise known as BARK. 

The sport has grown  steadily over the years, 2008 seen the second ever Canine Disc Club  affiliated with the Gympie Canine Disc Dog Club (GCDDC) coming on board.  By the end of 2012 there was Seven QLD clubs affiliated with ACDA. The  transition from ACDA to CDA started in 2009. 2012 was a big year with  the changeover and election of the first ever CDA board of Directors 

Who Can Participate ?


 Anyone who wants to spend time with their canine companion can  participate; it is a sport for all members of the family young and old,  even those with disabilities.

The sport is for all types/breeds of dogs  also - whether they are big or small, pure bred or cross breeds.

As long  as your dog is healthy you can give canine disc a go. The best way to  find out if canine disc is for you and your dog is to try it. 

I am not a very good thrower of the disc ?


 CDA recognizes not everyone will have the same ability to throw the disc  and actively encourages participation of beginner competitors. We offer  a variety of classes and divisions with each division competing  separately.

So you can be assured you will be competing with those at  the same skill level. There are Beginners, Excellent, Open & Master  Divisions in Throw & Catch type competitions, Pro & Super Pro  Divisions in Freestyle type competitions, Pro Skills & Super Pro  Skills in Freestyle Skills Competitions, as well as a variety of Games.  

You can learn more about the different Divisions, Classes and Titles in  our Rules & Regulations Book. 

What type of competitions can my dog and I enjoy ?


 CDA will sanction a variety of different competition formats in the hope  that there is something to suit everyone. 

You can participate in Throw  & Catch, Freestyle, Freestyle Skills and a Variety of Games. 

Our  Rules and Regulations has more information about the variety of Events  and Levels. You can also visit our Titles page to see the types of  awards that you and your dog can earn as you start to enjoy competing in  Canine Disc in Australia.