Board of Directors

Allison Britton

Allison Britton's CoCO

Current Position/s Held:

  • President 
  • Judging Director
  • Title Coordinator

2013 - Present

I first started playing canine disc way  back in 2007 when we were known as ACDA, its been long road for CDA to  be where it is today. Its been a pleasure to be on the board that formed  CDA, i would say I'm passionate about the sport growing not only  throughout Australia but to see our members skills grow... 

I currently enjoy playing disc with my 'many' Border Collies 

Samantha Dobson


  Current Position/s Held:

  • Honorary Secretary 
  • Memberships & Dog Registrations

2018 - Present

I started Canine Disc in early 2016 with my Koolie, Ash and was instantly hooked, especially to Freestyle.

I  joined the CDA Board during 2018. I really love to see new members  become addicted to our wonderful sport and become part of our extended  Frisbee family.   

Natalie Armstrong


  Current Position/s Held:

  • Events Coordinator
  • Sports Development 
  • IT Coordinator

2015 - Present  

I  started Canine Disc in mid-2014 with my Border Collie x ACD, Toohey. I  stumbled across Canine Disc when I was living in the South Burnett and  was looking for a sport to get involved in. Though I have moved around  QLD over the past few years, I been able to continue to compete in the sport regularly.

I  joined the CDA board in 2015. I am passionate about the sport growing  along with it being a fun environment for people to enjoy time with  their dogs. 

Julianne Hoey


   Current Position/s Held:

  • Treasurer Extraordinaire 

2015 - Present   

Board Member


3 x Board Positions are currently vacant, if you would like to join the CDA Team, please send us an email expressing your interest.. 

Regional Representatives

North Queensland


Position Held By:  Erin Elliott

2018 - Present 

South East Queensland


Position Held By:   Renae Crowe

2018 - Present  

Regional Representative


If you would like to join the CDA Regional Representative Team for your area, please send us an email expressing your interest...