National Championship Series

General Information

National Championships are held every 2 years; all affiliate clubs  have the opportunity for CDA to host this event at their grounds, by  submitting a request to CDA. 

Requests to host the National Championships  are to be done by emailing outlining the  reasons why you would like CDA to host this event at your club grounds.  If no requests are made CDA may send a request to any affiliate club for  the use of their grounds, or may source alternate grounds.

There are No Pre-requisites to be eligible to compete in National Championships.

The Australian National Canine Disc  Championships are different from  the usual Championship Competitions, CDA will  be offering 3 separate  National Championship Titles, a National Throw &  Catch Champion, a  National Games Champion & a National Freestyle Champion.  

Participation Eligibility

  •  To be eligible to enter all teams must be a member of Canine Disc Australia as per the Rules & Regulations of CDA. 
  • Neither the Handler nor the Dog is required to have previously competed in  sanctioned CDA Competition. 
  • If you can throw a disc and your dog  can catch it and bring it back then you are ready to compete the  Australian National Canine Disc Championships.  
  • It is definitely possible that a team which has never competed before could be crowned a National Champion this year.
  • Our Canine Companions are only eligible to enter No more than 8 rounds of canine disc action per day. 

Entry & Registration

  • Teams are required to register for entry  before the event.
  • There will be No Entry Option for the day of Competition.
  • Handlers need to fill out one entry form  for each dog they will be competing with.
  • If a dog is competing with Multiple  Handlers a  separate entry form will need to be filled out per handler, multiple   handlers will be allowed as long as the total number of rounds each dog  is  entered in per day does not exceed the maximum number outlined in  Participation  Eligibility.
  • All Entry Fees are to be paid with Entry  Forms.

Judging Criteria

 The Judging criteria for the National  Championships will be as  identified in the CDA  Rules & Regulations, any exceptions will be outlined in the National Championship Event Overview which will be released once Entries are open. 

CDA Rules are available for download here. 

CDA Titling

 All of the current titling opportunities  for canine disc will be as per  section 10.0 of the CDA  Rules & Regulations. All rounds during the  National Championships weekend  are eligible for earning qualifying  cards towards CDA  Titles. 

Competitor Check In

  •  All competitors are required to check in  on the first day of competition. 
  • Check in is Open on the first day of  competition only

National Throw & Catch Championships Overview

Divisions for this event differ from  normal  championship competitions, There will be 2 Divisions for the finals   being Novice & Open. 

There are no prerequisites need to  enter, your  current normal competition division will determine which division you   compete in…

There will be 3 Qualifying rounds of  Throw  & Catch over both days of competition Teams will compete in each of   the 3 individual qualifying rounds as per normal competitions.

Teams which currently compete in  Beginners & Excellent Divisions will be vying for a spot in the Novice  Division Finals.

Teams which currently compete in Open  & Masters Divisions will be vying for a spot in the Open Division Finals.

The Qualifying Rounds will be made up of  2 rounds of Toss & Fetch and 1 round of Bonus Chase.

The top 10 teams with the highest  cumulative  score after the 3 rounds in each of the combined divisions will then   compete in the Finals, the finals will consist of 2 rounds of Throw  & Catch  being 1 x Toss & Fetch & 1 x Bonus Chase. The Team  with The highest  accumulative score in the 2 Final Rounds will be  crowned the Australian National Throw & Catch  Champion

National Throw & Catch Championship Titles on offer include:

National Canine Disc Throw &  Catch Novice Division Champion 

National Canine Disc Throw &  Catch Open Division Champion

National Freestyle Championships Overview


  • Divisions for Freestyle include both Pro  &  Super Pro Divisions, your current competing division will determine  which  division you will compete in for this event
  • There are No prerequisites needed to  enter
  • There will be 3 rounds of Freestyle Competition over the duration of the event, the 2 highest scores of each team are calculated after the  3 rounds to determine who will be crowned the National Freestyle Champion.

Freestyle Championship Titles on Offer include:

National Canine Disc Pro Division  Champion

National Canine Disc Super Pro  Division Champion

National Games Championships Overview

There are No separate divisions for the games   rounds. All teams will compete together as in usual competitions.

There are No prerequisites needed to  enter

Teams will compete in 5 rounds/games,   consisting of 1 x Accuracy, 1 x Black Jack, 1 x Double Up, 1 x Time  Trial  Games, Plus 1 Other game.

National Champions will be determined  based  on the number of competitors and the placing you received after each   round.  The top 30% of entries or the top  10 teams (which is ever  greater) with the highest cumulative score after 4  games will be  eligible to enter the final round, the points scored in the  placing’s  in the 5th & Final round will be added to the previous  4 rounds and  the team with the highest points will be crowned the National  Games  Champion.

For  example, if there are 11 Competing teams entered in to the  Games Championship, Teams  will earn the following points for each  round/game . 1st Place will  receive 11 points, 2nd place 10 points, 3rd  place, 4th  9 points, 5th place 8 points and so on with 11th place   receiving 1 point. 

If  places are tied then the points will be split between the  tied teams, for eg  the 5th & 6th team are tied for 5th Place  then  they will both receive 7.5 points each calculated as 5th Place  receives  8 points, 6th place 7 points which total 15points this is  split  between the 2 places so each team receives 7.5 points. 7th  place  receives 6 points

Games Championship Titles on offer include:

National Canine Disc Games Champion

Trophies & Prizes

The National Champions as outlined in  each of the Championship  Overviews along with the Runners Up & 3rd  Overall of each will  receive a trophy and gift.

Prizes will also be awarded for each  individual round of competition for 1st, 2nd & 3rd  Place in each division. 


National Throw & Catch Championship

If at the end of 2 Final rounds  there is a Tie for the  Champion, Runner Up or 3rd Overall positions,  the winner will be  determined by who had the highest scoring 1st finals  round, if both  teams have the same highest scoring 1st finals round it  will be  determined by the highest score after the first 2 qualifying  rounds of  competition. 

National Freestyle Championship  

If at the end of the 3  rounds there is a Tie for the  Champion, Runner Up or 3rd Overall  positions, the winner will be  determined by who had the highest scoring  round overall, if both teams have the  same highest scoring round it  will be determined by the highest score after the  first 2 rounds of  competition.

National Games Championship 

If at the end of the Final  Round there is a Tie for the  Champion, Runner Up or 3rd Overall  positions, the winner will be  determined by who had the highest placing  in the Final Round